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We have searched through all UK bingo sites and casinos with Monopoly Slingo, but unfortunatly it looks like this game has been removed. 

✨ Best Sites with Monopoly Slingo

These 13+ Sites have Monopoly Slingo

✨ Monopoly Slingo :

✨ How do you Play Monopoly Slingo?

Monopoly Slingo is a real money game, which incorporates the Slingo gameplay with the familiar theme of the Hasbro classic such as Mr Monopoly, playing pieces and dice. All played on the iconic game board with property, get out of jail, Pass Go, Chance and Community Chest. 

✨ Which Sites have Monopoly Slingo?

It looks like Monopoly Slingo is now unavailable on bingo sites and casinos, if we find sites that have Monopoly Slingo we will list them here, in the meantime, if you want to play similar games, we can recommend the following sites with slingo: 

  • Double Bubble Bingo
  • Foxy Games
  • GalaSpins
  • Monopoly Casino
  • more sites listed above!

✨ Monopoly Slingo Game Guide

Bingo meets slots with the world’s most-played board game in Monopoly Slingo!

The game starts with a 5×5 grid which is randomly populated by 25 out of the 26 property cards, the 26th one dealt as a Bonus Property. If you are lucky enough to land the bonus property you'll win an instant cash prize.  

To get begin the game, choose your bet amount then click to roll the dice and move around the board. Your initial stake will buy you 7 or 8 rolls of the dice depending on the profile you select.

The aim of the Monopoly Slingo game is to Slingo which is achieved by landing and marking off properties in the same set from the grid. Complete a line in the middle of the board to create a Slingo, and win a cash prize (The max payout can potentially reach up to £250,000 depending on the volatility level you choose).

There are 4 games which you can select one from for the chance to choose more rolls or bigger wins. These Higher volatility options have more extra rolls available and are more likely to have higher prices per game.

For the full help guide on how to play Monopoly Slingo, please see the in-game menu found on the official game. There is no Monopoly Slingo Demo game.

✨ Bonus features

Pass GO!

Just like in the classic board game, Monopoly Slingo features a pass ‘GO’ feature which adds cash to the Free Parking Square. If you are lucky enough to land here you'll and collect the accumulated cash prize.

Slin-Go to Jail

Again Monoply Slingo is true to the original with the pesky ‘Go to Jail,’ booby feature. It will send you directly to jail if you unfortunatly land on it. To get out of jail you'll have to roll a double on the die to escape, or wait 3 rolls to then be released! If you’ve been lucky enough to collect a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card, you'll be given a free pass to continue around the game.

Extra Rolls

At the end of the bonus feature game, you’ll be given the chance to purchase a select number of extra spins in the game, this is dependent on the playing counter you have chosen at the start of the game. Let’s roll…

✨ Additional Features


Slingo's cheeky Joker is a tricky little sod. If you land on the Joker, one of the cards from each property set is selected at random and shuffled. Choose one of the cards on screen to reveal a property and advance to that position on the board. This feature could help you complete a slingo!

Take a Chance on me

Just like the board game, Monopoly Slingo also features the legendary Chance / Community Chest. The notable symbols are displated on the board, and if you land on one of  them you could get the following rewards:

  •   Get Out of Jail Free
  •   Cash prize
  •   Advance to other positions on the board (including jail!)

✨ Roll the Dice and Slingo with Monopoly Slingo!

Thanks to the epic partnership with Hasbro Inc and SG Digital you'll enjoy the thrills of slingo mixed with the nostalgia and excitement of the classic board game . Monopoly Slingo game is a real gem in the Slingo Originals Community Chest. Play with any of the listed Monopoly Slingo Sites to see if Mr Monopoly will bring you some good prizes just for passing go! 

Monopoly Slingo RTP: 95.3%