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Explore the vibrant world of Rainbow Riches on the classic Slingo grid! Enjoy your favourite Leprechaun-themed slot features with exciting Slingo mechanics.

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Rainbow Riches Slingo

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Rainbow Riches Slingo, a brilliant creation where the whimsical charm of the Emerald Isle blends seamlessly with the exhilarating excitement of bingo and Rainbow Riches slots series!

This fantastic Slingo game is the brainchild of Slingo Originals in collaboration with the legendary SG Digital, combining beloved elements from two popular gaming formats. If you're eager to chase rainbows and maybe even snag a pot of gold, prepare for a rollicking adventure filled with luck and laughter.

Ready to spin? You can play with any of our listed Rainbow Riches Slingo sites above. So, clutch your four-leaf clover tight, and let's dive into this delightful and spirited guide to spinning, winning, and grinning in the magical world of Rainbow Riches Slingo!

Key Features of Rainbow Riches Slingo:

  • Return to Player (RTP): 95.6%
  • Volatility: Medium (3 out of 5)
  • Maximum Bet: £20  
  • Live Casino: No 
  • Double Up Feature: No 
  • Producer: Slingo Originals
  • Paylines: 12
  • Reels: 5
  • Jackpot: No
  • Spins: 10 initial spins with unlimited additional spins available for purchase
  • Special Characters: Joker, Super Joker, Devil, Free Spin
  • Bonus Rounds: Multiple, including Wishing Well, Cash Crop, Magic Toadstool, Road to Riches, and Pots of Gold

Step 1: Launch Your Quest in the Land of Leprechauns

Welcome to Rainbow Riches Slingo, where your gaming grid awaits—a lively 5x5 matrix accompanied by 10 spins per session. Here’s your quest: align the numbers on your grid with those that cascade down the slot reel nestled just beneath.

Securing a line of numbers, be it across, down, or diagonally, earns you a celebrated Slingo. Each Slingo you capture propels you upwards on an enchanting bonus ladder, taking you closer to mythical riches. Prepare to spin your way into folklore—every Slingo is a step up the ladder of legend, drawing you nearer to the fabled pots of gold. Let the saga begin, and may fortune smile upon your spirited endeavour!

Step 2: Meet Your Lucky Charms

In Rainbow Riches Slingo, the characters that populate your play are not mere symbols; they are your very own lucky charms, each with special powers to help or hinder your journey up the bonus ladder. Here’s a closer look at these enchanting figures:

  • Joker: A cheeky and vital ally in your game, the Joker wears a mischievous grin, ready to bend the rules in your favour. He allows you to mark off any number in the column directly above his appearance, creating faster opportunities for slingos and adding a strategic depth to each spin.
  • Super Joker: The hero among charms, the Super Joker sports a cape and the power to match. With a hearty laugh, he lets you choose any number from the entire grid to mark off. This flexibility can be a game-changer, allowing you to complete a Slingo or block a potential Devil’s move strategically.
  • Devil:The foil to your good fortunes, this crafty character appears with a sly smile, ready to throw obstacles in your path. The Devil blocks potential matches on the grid, preventing you from marking off a number where you most need it. His presence adds a twist of challenge, making each game an unpredictable adventure.
  • Free Spin: Finding this symbol is akin to stumbling upon a lucky horseshoe in the lush Irish fields. The Free Spin offers you an additional chance to whirl the reel, extending your game and enhancing your chances to climb further up the magical ladder.

Understanding and utilising these characters effectively can dramatically influence your game strategy, turning near misses into wins with a sprinkle of Irish luck and a dash of tactical play. So keep a keen eye on these lucky charms—they just might lead you to that elusive pot of gold.

Step 3: Climb the Bonus Ladder to Leprechaun’s Loot

As you notch up slingos in Rainbow Riches Slingo, each success unlocks a step up the mythical bonus ladder, leading you to increasingly magical bonuses laden with potential riches. Here's a detailed look at the enchanting rewards awaiting at each tier:  

  • Wishing Well Bonus: After collecting 5 slingos, you'll activate this engaging "Pick Me" feature. It's akin to choosing your own adventure in a mythical setting. You will be presented with three mystical wells, each hiding a hidden treasure. Choose wisely to reveal your prize, adding an element of mystery with excitement to your journey.
  • Cash Crop Bonus: Venture further up the ladder and you'll find the leprechaun's own field of gold. This bonus features 50 coins whirling in the wind, each coin spinning to reveal a multiplier beneath. As you progress through up to four rounds, the stakes get higher and the multipliers grow, making each round potentially more lucrative than the last. This is where your fortunes can truly begin to multiply!
  • Magic Toadstool Bonus: This whimsical feature transports you to a field dotted with magical toadstools. Each pick from these toadstools reveals a multiplier, enhancing your winnings with a touch of leprechaun magic. If luck is on your side and you uncover a fairy, she will grant you additional picks, potentially doubling or even tripling your accumulated win if you reveal all values with picks to spare.
  • Road to Riches Bonus: Spin the wheel to embark on a golden path adventure. This classic bonus lets you journey along a trail, collecting multipliers with each spin until the wheel lands on ‘collect’. Each step on this road could be your stepping stone to great fortunes.
  • Pots of Gold Bonus: At the pinnacle of the bonus ladder, right at the end of the rainbow, you'll encounter the Pots of Gold Bonus. Twelve shimmering pots will spin around a golden arrow, and the pot that stops above the arrow reveals the multiplier you win. This thrilling conclusion to the bonus ladder offers the chance to win substantial rewards, embodying the ultimate search for that elusive pot of gold.

As you ascend the bonus ladder in Rainbow Riches Slingo, each level offers a unique and immersive experience filled with the charm and mystery of Irish folklore. Engage with each bonus feature strategically, and the leprechaun’s loot could well be yours!

Step 4: Go On, Have Another Spin!

Have you used up all your initial spins and still yearning for more action? Fear not! Rainbow Riches Slingo offers the option to purchase unlimited extra spins, ensuring that your thrilling adventure doesn't have to come to a halt. This feature allows you to continue your gameplay without interruption, giving you more opportunities to complete your Slingos and climb higher up the enchanting bonus ladder.

The ability to buy additional spins adds a strategic layer to the game. It allows you to weigh the potential benefits of continuing against the cost, helping you decide whether those extra spins could indeed propel you towards bigger wins. Whether you’re just a few moves away from triggering a major bonus or aiming to reach the top of the ladder for those grand prizes, the extra spins can be your golden ticket to achieving your gaming goals.

So when you find yourself at the end of your initial set of spins, consider keeping the reels spinning. With each additional spin, you increase your chances of striking it lucky with more slingos, more bonuses, and more of that sweet, sweet leprechaun loot! Keep the fun spinning, and may your perseverance be rewarded with a treasure trove of prizes!

Step 5: Where to Play Rainbow Riches Slingo

Looking for the best sites to play Rainbow Riches Slingo? To experience the full joy of this delightful game, visit the top leprechaun-approved Rainbow Riches Slingo sites listed on this page. Each site offers a unique gaming platform that complements this engaging blend of slots and bingo, ensuring that every spin is as exciting as the last. Here's where you can join the fun:

  • As the home of Slingo, this site provides a premier experience for Slingo games including Rainbow Riches Slingo, featuring exclusive promotions and gameplay options.
  • Mecca Bingo: Known for its vibrant bingo community and exceptional gaming atmosphere, Mecca Bingo is a fantastic place to play Rainbow Riches Slingo along with other themed bingo and slingo games. They also have Rainbow Riches Bingo.
  • Heart Bingo: With its user-friendly interface and welcoming player community, Heart Bingo offers a warm and enjoyable environment for playing Rainbow Riches Slingo and a small choice of other Slingo games.
  • Sun Bingo: Another great destination for Slingo enthusiasts, Sun Bingo provides a variety of bingo and games, including Rainbow Riches Slingo, with plenty of bonuses and promotions.
  • 32Red: Renowned for its high-quality gaming experience, 32Red is a superb choice for those looking to dive into the action-packed world of Rainbow Riches Slingo alongside Slots and Casino.
  • bet365 Bingo: Offering a comprehensive gaming platform, bet365 Bingo features Rainbow Riches Slingo among its extensive selection of bingo and slot games, complete with competitive bonuses.

If you love everything Slingo, these sites provide the perfect setting for your Rainbow Riches Slingo adventures. Each site is equipped with great features, helpful support, and exciting bonuses, making them the best places to play. So, pick your favourite, grab your virtual four-leaf clover, and start spinning—may the luck of the Irish be with you!

Explore More Slingo Adventures

If Rainbow Riches Slingo has you dancing a jig, why not expand your horizons with these other thrilling Slingo games? Each game offers a unique twist on the classic Slingo formula, providing new worlds to explore and more excitement to experience:

  • Slingo Starburst: Perfect for fans of the iconic Starburst slot game, this version combines the cosmic fun of Starburst with the classic mechanics of Slingo. Spin the reels and match numbers to create slingos with an astral twist!
  • Slingo Extreme: Experience the thrill of Slingo at its most intense! Slingo Extreme ramps up the action with faster gameplay and higher stakes. Match numbers quickly, clear the grid, and ignite your chances to win big.
  • Slingo Cleopatra: Journey back to ancient Egypt with Slingo Cleopatra! This game combines the timeless allure of Cleopatra with the dynamic play of Slingo. Uncover riches as you match numbers and progress through levels filled with Egyptian icons.

Each of these games provides a fresh and engaging way to enjoy Slingo, with unique themes and innovative gameplay features. Whether you're exploring outer space, unlocking ancient secrets, or building a property empire, there's a Slingo adventure waiting for you. So spin on and discover your next favourite game!

Tips for a Lucky Play

Maximize your chances of success in Rainbow Riches Slingo with these handy tips. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, these strategies can help turn your spins into wins:

  • Use Your Charms Wisely: The Jokers and Super Jokers are powerful tools in your Slingo arsenal. Think strategically about their placement to create slingos more efficiently. Use Jokers to complete difficult rows or columns and deploy Super Jokers to fill in tricky numbers that could unlock a series of potential slingos.
  • Keep an Eye on the Spins: Keep track of how many spins you have left and assess the board carefully. If you're on the brink of a significant win, it may be worth investing in extra spins. This can be particularly crucial when you're close to unlocking higher levels of the bonus ladder, where the rewards become increasingly attractive.
  • Embrace the Craic: Above all, Rainbow Riches Slingo is about enjoying the experience. Revel in the quirky Irish themes and the lively gameplay. Let the whimsical graphics and the chance of finding the pot of gold at the end of the vibrant rainbow keep you entertained. And remember, may the luck of the Irish be with you!


By following these tips, you can enhance your gameplay and potentially improve your strategy. Remember, each game of Rainbow Riches Slingo is an adventure—so spin wisely, embrace the fun, and enjoy the journey responsibly. Always play within your limits and treat each spin as part of the entertainment.

There you have it—a guide filled with charm, spins, and a dash of Irish luck. Whether you’re a seasoned Slingo player or a newbie, Rainbow Riches Slingo offers a pot o’ fun at the end of the rainbow.

If you’re keen to put our tips into action, check out the selection of top sites with Rainbow Riches Slingo listed above. Pick a platform that matches your preferences, and dive into the unique blend of bingo and slots, all set against the charming backdrop of the Emerald Isle.

Remember to spin smartly, savour each play, and gamble responsibly. Good luck—may the whimsical Irish luck be ever in your favour as you chase those elusive pots of gold!

Ball TypeSlingo
Volatility3 / 5
DeveloperSlingo Originals

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