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Reach for the stars in Slingo Advance, an 80s, retro computer-style slingo game available on many bingo sites and casinos!

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Slingo Advance is one of the latest releases from the Slingo Originals portfolio which you can play on various UK bingo sites and casinos such as those leading brands mentioned above. 

With its Retro Space theme, Slingo Advance is a vibrant Slingo version will take you on an intergalactic journey for Slingos and Cash prizes!

After you have decided on which site to play Slingo Advance, all you'll need to do is place your bet and spin.

Play Slingo Advance

In this game, you'll begin your adventure with one spin and only the first row of the grid available for matches. To open up more rows on the grid and earn more spins for your mission, you'll need to match numbers from the row beneath the grid to those shown in the columns.

With every match you achieve you'll reveal a brightly coloured star with a prize amount. If you manage to soar across the galaxy and Slingo numbers off in a row diagonally, vertically, in a 'T' shape or an 'X' shape you'll win a jackpot. Of course, there is also a a gravity-defying prize if you reach the dizzying height of a full house! 

Advance through the game and open the full grid as follows:

  •  On your first spin, match one number on row 1 to open up row 2 and get an extra spin
  •  On spin 2, match two numbers on row 2 to open up row 3 and get an extra spin
  •  On spin 3, match three numbers on row 3 to open up row 4 and get an additional spin
  •  On spin 4, match four numbers on row 4 to open up row 5 and win an extra spin

For every Slingo made, cash prizes are rewarded (marking off five numbers in a row vertically, diagonally or horizontally). A fixed payout is paid for vertical and diagonal slingos.



Those who are familiar with the exciting range of Slingo games will be familiar with some of the classic features in the game:

  •  Joker: this guy has been given a space-aged neon makeover, he'll allow you to mark off any number from the column above where it lands
  •  Free Spins: will reward an extra spin
  •  Advance: opens up the next row on the grid and give you a free spin to continue on your mission
  •  Blocker: blocks a match on the column


Slingo Advance gives you the chance to play for 3 jackpots. One for winning a Full House, one for marking off numbers in an 'X' shape and one for achieving a 'T' shape.


Get ready for an Interstellar Adventure with Slingo Advance 

If you are looking for something a little different, then Slingo Advance from creators Slingo Original will offer you just that.

With is modern and vibrant Retro space-aged themed, Slingo Advance will take you on a journey towards interstellar prizes and 3 jackpots! 

Slingo Advance RTP: 95%

Ball TypeSlingo
Volatility2 / 5
Release Date2020
DeveloperSlingo Originals

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