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SLING-OH HO HO AND A BOTTLE OF RUM with Slingo Cascade, an exciting Pirate-themed game by Slingo Originals!

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Slingo Cascade

Slingo has been given a creative makeover – and we're not just talking about the eye-patched skelly bobs and peg leg mi-hearties. In this explosive swash-buckling pirate-themed variation of the much-loved slingo classic, any fan of Slingo games will enjoy what the Slingo Cascade with 5 x 5 grid offers. This game, developed by Slingo Originals, combines slots and bingo elements. It increases your potential of creating Slingos because the whole 5 square grid explodes every time a Slingo is formed. The result is a cascading effect with new squares filling in.

Whenever a number on the spinning reels matches a number on the grid, it explodes, and a new number replaces it, creating another prospective match. While it might look like other Slingo games, the additional spins and cascading lines offer a stunning level of excitement.

The graphics in this game are straightforward, yet they essentially set the scene for the game, which takes place on an old wooden sailboat. The game's grid comprises special elements like masts, cannonballs, steering wheels, sails, and other interface elements that are easy to access and understand, even if you have never played Slingo games. Furthermore, the soundtrack is cheerful to keep you entertained throughout your gameplay.

How to Play Slingo Cascade

After joining sites with Slingo Cascade, you are given nine spins to discover the treasures. Next, you must accumulate as many Slingos as possible by creating a five-symbol combination in vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines. Once you design these combinations, a reel cascade will occur, and exploding symbols will appear. Later, the symbols will disappear, and new icons will take their place and create new possible matches.

Features of the Game

Cascading pirate symbols are the most appealing bonus of this game. As said earlier, the numbers you match in a row will disappear and be replaced by new numbers that improve your winnings and elevates your prospects of winning a lot more in future spins. In this game, whenever you match specific numbers on the reels and grid, the reels spin again, making it much easier to complete the Slingos.

While the Devils act as blocking symbols, the cherubs mark out from one to five cells. You will get an additional spin every time you collect the free spin symbols. Remember that getting extra spins at the end of the game is possible. You can press the collect button to end the game. The spin button displays the cost of the next spin.

Cherubs selects barrels to help you get closer to completing the Slingos. On the other hand, the free spin symbols are removed from the reels to offer additional spins.

RTP and Volatility

The Slingo Cascade has a return to player (RTP) ratio of 95% and medium volatility. Although this RTP is slightly lower than other online slots, it's still considered a decent ratio. Return to player denotes the average amount the game is expected to pay out for every £100 wagered. In this case, the game is expected to pay out £95 for every £100 played.

Regarding volatility, it has a medium variance of 3/5. If you are a beginner, the game pays out sensible prizes regularly. A high variance or high volatility offers large prizes but less often. On the other hand, the low variance slots pay out countless small prizes. This game is a medium variance slot, which perfectly balances these two, making it a popular game for all gamblers.

Similar Games

If you enjoy the Slingo Cascade, there are many other exciting themed Slingo variations, including Slingo Big Wheel, Book of Slingo and Slingo Rainbow Riches.

All hands on deck for the Slingo Crew!

Thanks to the game's cascading effect, you will have a high chance of amassing as many Slingos as possible in every game round. Every collected Slingo will reward you with pirate-worthy treasure.

Can you steer the ship in the direction of some Slingos?

Ball TypeSlingo
Release Date2019
DeveloperSlingo Originals

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