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Slingo Originals touts the Slingo Super Spin as their grooviest game yet! Spin the reels and tap your feet as the wins spin in!

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Slingo Super Spin

Slingo Super Spin pairs Slingo with a retro disco theme and a small DJ booth in the corner with an upbeat and catchy soundtrack to give you an amazing game experience.

Regarding the gameplay, it's straightforward and returns to the game's roots. Your goal is to land Slingos and ascend the prize ladder, where you can get a top reward of 250x your bet. The game includes a 6th super reel to help you reach the prize ladder. This symbol generates super wilds whenever the number on the super reel matches the ones on the regular slot reel. By using an optimal strategy, you can win an incredible 5,000x jackpot.

How to Play Slingo Super Spin

To start with, you need to register with a site to play; Glitzy Bingo have listed top Casinos or bingo sites with Slingo Super Spin at the top of this article. The next steps comprise choosing the game from the catalogue, choosing and placing your bet size based on your budget, spinning the reels, and then waiting to hit a bonus if you are lucky.

Features of the Game

You can form a Slingo by marking out numbers on the 5 x 5 grid to create a horizontal, vertical, and/or diagonal line. Every paid round begins with 10 spins, and as a player, you must get at least four Slingos to advance to the first tier of the prize ladder that pays out. The higher you climb the prize ladder, the better the prizes you can win. Several bonus features exist to help you along the way.

For instance, you can mark out any position on the row directly above the wild by landing the wild symbol on the slot reel just below the grid. While the golden disc super wild lets you mark off any position on gride, the game generates a super wild if any number on the super spin reel matches a number on the regular reel.

The super spin reel is an additional position to the right of the 5 x 5 grid, in addition to the five usual reel positions. If you land super wilds and/or wilds on the possible positions on the super spin reel and regular reel, you will get an instant cash prize worth 5,000x your stake.

Besides these features, you might also hit free spin symbols that add extra spin to your count. The X symbol acts as a blocker and takes up space on the reel without offering any perks. On exhausting your initial spins, the game grants you additional 40 paid spins. The cost per additional spin increases as you progress on the prize ladder.

RTP and Volatility

The return to player (RTP) of Slingo Super Spin is 96.7 %, which means that, on average, for every £100 stake, you can expect to receive £96.7 back over a period. It's essential to note that RTP is a theoretical calculation and doesn't guarantee that you will win every time you bet. However, games with a high RTP tend to give you better offs over the long run.

This game has low-medium volatility of 2/5, which means it offers an incredible balance between risk and reward. As a player, you can expect to get small, frequent payouts over a period instead of infrequent payouts common in high-volatility slots. Thanks to this low volatility, this slot is an ideal choice for players on a budget as well as those who love a predictable and more consistent gameplay experience.

Similar Games

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Slingo Super Spin is a game that offers the classic Slingo experience but with a jaw-dropping 6th reel, where players get a chance to match ANY number on the grid and land a Gold Disc SUPER WILD! With toe-tapping music and more ways to win on every spin, this game certainly gives players something to dance about.

Ball TypeSlingo
Release Date2022
DeveloperSlingo Originals

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