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Developed by Slingo Originals, Slingoooal is a fast-paced online Slingo game that combines the typical and best elements of slots and 75 ball bingo. It also features a stylish football-themed design and premier league style sound effects, creating an immersive and enjoyable experience for football and Slingo / Slot fanatics!

Aim of the Game: How to Play Slingoooal! 

The aim of playing Slingoooal is to score goals. You achieve a goal by matching any of the numbers on your grid with the numbers generated on the reel beneath it. Let's break it down.

To understand Slingoooal, thinking of it like a bingo game is easier. Only in this case, rather than a number caller, a reel beneath your bingo card spins to reveal five numbers. A goal is scored if any number on your card matches the ones on your reel. Then you spin again.

A single spin can earn you multiple wins if it's part of consecutive winning combinations.

If you mark off five numbers consecutively in a column, row, or diagonally within your bingo card, you'll achieve a Slingo. Completing a Slingo moves you up the pay ladder, which you'll see on the left side of the play screen, bringing you a step closer to winning the ultimate cash price of up to 1000x your bet.

When the game starts, each player has a total of 11 spins. This means you have 11 chances to match the numbers and get a Slingo. However, you can purchase extra spins and get a chance to score more goals. The game also has special features which trigger certain bonus features. This includes free spins and gold coins, which earn you instant cash prizes.

How to play:

The game begins once a player decides their stake in the game. Therefore begin by:

  • Selecting your bet level and then hit the spin button
  • This will spin the reels and match off numbers on the board (you'll have up to 11 spins)
  • If you manage to match 5 consecutive numbers horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, you trigger a Slingo. And this moves you a step up the prize ladder.

Features of the game

There are a few features that will help you in your journey collecting Slingos; you might recognize some of them from other Slingo games.

  • Wilds and super wilds – they appear randomly and allow a space to be filled on either the matched reel or the entire board. If you land three or more wilds or super wilds in a spin, you get to win a cash prize.
  • Gold coins – they will award you an instant cash prize
  • Free spin symbol – awards an extra spin
  • Red card symbol – covers a space on the reels, blocking any number from appearing. Watch out for this one.
  • You stand to win the ultimate cash price of up to 1,000x your stake
  • You could purchase more spins if they ran out

RTP/Volatility of the game

Slingoooal's return to player (RTP) is 95. This means that for every £10 a player bets, they can expect to win back £9.5 based on long play periods. The game has a volatility of 2/5, which is medium. This means you can expect a balance between small, large, and frequent wins, and large and small payouts.

Similar Games

Slingoooal is only one of a series of games from Slingo Originals featuring elements of bingo and slots. Some other similar games in the series include Slingo Riches and Slingo Starburst. They offer different themes but a pretty similar game experience.

While is the official Slingo site, you can play the game by visiting other bingo and casino sites with Slingoooal, including the top sites listed above other football-themed slot games you'll find out there include FootballStar and Shoot, both developed by Microgaming.


We Slingo Originals have scored with this one. And if you don't believe me, why not take a chance at putting the ball in the back of the net with Slingoooal?! This Slingo variant has all the excitement of footy with its fast-paced gameplay, which is on par with the top-of-the Premier League action. As for the motivating music and design features, they're sure to boost your best game as you imagine running down the pitch as you score a Slingoooal.

Ball TypeSlingo
Release Date2022
DeveloperSlingo Originals

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