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Sites with Slingo Riches

Slingo Riches is a variation of the classic Slingo created by Gaming Riches for and does what all the other Slingo games have done before it which is taking the best parts of 75-ball bingo and mixing it up with the slots reels to create one awesome single player Slingo game!

The best part of Slingo Riches is that you can play for some serious cash including a top prize worth up to £20k! Like the sound of that? Then let's play go find bingo sites and SLINGO!

Sites with Slingo Riches

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How to Play Slingo Riches

Slingo-ing is a breeze to play even for first timers! Unlike bingo, this version of Slingo is a single player game. If you prefer to play against others then check out the multiplayer Slingo Boom.

So how does the game play? Slingo Riches has a 5x5 numbered grid this is your Slingo ticket which looks a little like a bingo ticket.

To place a bet and play a game of Slingo choose your stake from 50p-£100 with (-) and (+) buttons and hit the START GAME button to begin.

In each game you get 11 spins, during each spin 5 numbers will appear at the bottom of your ticket, if one of the numbers drawn matches a number on your ticket it will be marked off. Your aim is to mark off 5 numbers in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally to create a Slingo. The more Slingos you get the bigger the prize you will win.

If you are lucky enough to collect some free spins during your game, they will come into play after your inital 11. Depending on how many free spins you collect, you will be given the option to purchase additional spins up to 4 (minus every free spin collected) the price for extra spins will be shown to you on the screen.

During each spin, you may land a few symbols instead of numbers. If you land a Joker you'll get to mark off a number in the column on your ticket. Land a super Joker and you can mark off any number anywhere on your ticket.

Land 3 or more Jokers / Super Jokers or a Coin symbol and you'll recieve an instant cash prize. Keep an eye out for the Devil symbols as he'll block potential matching numbers.

Disclaimer: Although at Glitzy Bingo we try to ensure that all information provided to our visitors is correct, slot games are subject to change and sites can remove the game without notice and some may not be available on mobile, please always check each individual site to see which games they have before playing. The listed RTP figures for this slot are direct from the specsheet, in most cases they are spot on but should be regarded as a ballpark figure and further details should be seeked at each bingo or casino with this slot before playing. Players must be aged 18 or over. Please play responsibly.