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Cleopatra is one of the most successful and well-known slot machines in Casinos all over the world, and now you can experience it online!

Developed by IGT, Cleopatra Slots is a bonafide 20-line online classic with a heavily Egyptian theme, with symbols denoting instantly recognisable images associated with this ancient world; sphinx’s heads, ankhs, the eye of Ra and scarab beetles all make an appearance. Plus the game gives a chance to gain up to a massive 180 free spins!

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Playing Cleopatra Slots Online

So, as previously stated, Cleopatra is a pretty old world slot game. This means that it lacks the vast majority of fancier elements present in newly produced online video slots. But, it’s remained consistently popular even in the face of modern opposition, so why exactly is that?

Well, the atmosphere when playing it is really second to none. It’s a 5 reel, 20 pay line slot that, despite having graphics that may not match newer games in terms of realism, hold their own entirely based on the amount of character they contain.

There’s a real charm to the look of Cleopatra slots, very bright, bold and easy to play, and it does a fantastic job of evoking the feeling of a real-life casino slot in the comfort of your own home or on the move on mobile. The music is a great feature too, all jaunty and up-tempo with an Egyptian flare. There’s even the disembodied voice of Cleopatra occasionally, wishing you with good luck and potential fortune.

The game has a rather pleasant jackpot which is all yours if you see five Cleopatra symbols line up anywhere across the reels. You’ll primarily be wanting to look out for the Sphinx scatter symbol. However, this kick starts the games only bonus round.

Depending on which bingo sites with Cleopatra slots you play, betting options begin from 0.01 per line with the opportunity to choose which paylines you have in use at any one time. The controls are easy to use and clearly designated at the bottom right of the screen.

Bonus Rounds

If you land the iconic image of the Sphinx across three or more reels you’ll be granted access to the Cleopatra bonus game. Much like the rest of this slot, this isn't a fancy bonus round, but its joy is in its simplicity and ability to win you some very nice figures. It’s a free spins round where you’re granted a massive fifteen free spins. What’s more is that you can trigger subsequent free spins, which also appear in batch groups of fifteen by landing another three or more Sphinx symbols during the bonus round.

There’s a possibility to land a massive one hundred and eighty free spins during a single bonus round! What’s more though is that all winnings made during this round are automatically multiplied by three! Perhaps it’s this sort of simple yet extremely generous in its potential payouts style of gaming that keeps players consistently coming back to Cleopatra.


The theoretical return while playing Cleopatra is approximately 95%.


Though online slot games have certainly pushed forward since Cleopatra’s inception, it retains a real sense of charm and personality (not to mention the potential for some very nice wins) which all goes part way to explaining why it’s still so popular. There’s likely the fact that it is an already well-established brand within the physical gaming community that has no doubt helped propel it to the ranks of a classic amongst classics in the online slot world.

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