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Gamesys, also known as Gamesys Group or Gamesys Corporate, has grown quickly to become a major player in the online casino market. A software developer and operator, they are headquartered in central London and currently boast over 1000 employees, with more than 40 million users globally.

Gamesys operate casino and bingo sites online, mobile and tablet in the UK, Europe, as well as in parts of the USA.

Gamesys Games Slot Sites

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Gamesys Games Slots Games

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History of Gamesys Games

Having been founded in April 2001, Gamesys may seem relatively young in comparison with other online gaming operators, with the likes of Microgaming and Playtech operating since the online casino's beginnings in the mid-1990s.

Bear in mind, though, that those early years were not exactly smooth when it came to online play, as the Internet was still a somewhat clunky technology gradually finding its feet with global customers.

By the early 2000s, the Internet and the online casino industry itself was preparing to really hit its stride and grow in mainstream terms. One could say, then, that Gamesys came along at the perfect time to jump straight in and become an immediate player in the market.

Over the years this Group has partnered with other leading brands in the rapid growth of their business including:

  • Jackpotjoy Bingo - operating under subsidiary ProfitablePlay Limited and provides numerous Gamesys slots and bingo rooms.
  • Virgin Games - operate under the subsidiary Nozee Limited and provides players with poker tournaments in the UK, slots and live casino.
  • Heart Bingo - operating under Entertaining Play Limited this brand runs a mixture of bingo, slots and casino.

Gamesys Slots

Slots are almost as old as gambling itself. Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but they've certainly been capturing the attention of players for well over a century at this point. They aren't complicated to play, and you can get incredibly lucky even as a beginner, making them one of the most addictive parts of casino play, catering to players of all tastes and skill levels.

With so many different online casinos vying for the attention of players today, it requires a little creativity and at least one or two imaginative signature games to stand out from the crowd. Gamesys Slots delivers in these areas, particularly with its exclusive slots Double Bubble and Wonderland, which aren't found anywhere else on the market except on Gamesys games and bingo sites.

Double Bubble slots is a colourful bubble-themed slot with 20 pay-lines and 5 reels, including a couple of potentially lucrative bonus games. You can play with anything from 1p up to £10.

Wonderland Slots is arguably the more imaginative of the two, at least in aesthetic terms. As its name implies, it's based on Alice in Wonderland, with its pleasant visual style authentically recreating the classic story book. It's a progressive slot with 5 reels and 100 pay-lines, with a maximum stake of £2. A gradually increasing jackpot is tantalisingly visible in the top left-hand corner until one lucky player can manage to scoop it in a bonus game, perhaps making them feel they are indeed in a wonderland of their own.

Gamesys Games

Of course, Gamesys Games doesn't just include the slots, and online casino players will be eager to know what else is on offer. On any of the associated Gamesys sites, players can enjoy popular variations of bingo, video poker and live casino, the latter including Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack.

Popular for bingo is Jackpotjoy due to many of its unique variations including Game Show Bingo and Bingo Royale.

The types of Bingo rooms varies between each of the brands, some such as Starspins don't even offer bingo as this site focuses purely on Gamesys slots and Games.

Game Quality

The quality of Gamesys developed in-house Games are some of the best seen online to date, they are all in stunning crystal clear HD, are easy to play, and all have exciting and fun bonus features.


It's easy to see why Gamesys have had such a strong rise in the online casino and bingo industry. This company has been creatively pushing the bar for great gaming sites since their foundation and are likely to continue the process of coming up with fresh ideas for unique, exclusive games on their platform going forward.