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Microgaming Casino Slots

Undoubtedly one of, if not the leading software provider and operator in online gambling, Microgaming is widely regarded as the company that launched the world's first online casino back in 1994.

They now have over 800 slots and casino titles in their portfolio and an award-winning platform which powers their software to hundreds of Microgaming casino and bingo sites around the globe.

Microgaming Casino Slot Sites

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History of Microgaming Casino

Based in Isle of Man, Microgaming was the first to create true online casino software back in 1994, and they were the first mobile casino software in 2004. Their products include Casino, Poker, Bingo, Sportsbook, Land-based, Live Dealer and Quickfire.

But it was a slow but solid start for the online casino market. During such early days, it couldn't be said to have been a flying start, as the Internet itself was still a somewhat clunky system, gradually finding its feet as a global service. Thus, technical issues and slow loading times were unfortunately common... but we must also remember that back then, players didn't yet know any better. Microgaming was thus given a space in which they could develop and flourish gradually as a 'pioneer' for the online gambling industry, building an impressive legacy that has so far lasted more than two decades.

Fast forward to 1998, when the company launched another first in the form of Cash Splash, the first known Microgaming slot game to have had a progressive jackpot; now among the most appealing features of any casino game for players. There are other ways in which Microgaming helped the industry become what it is today, but for now, players may be more interested in what's going on currently with their game selection and overall quality.

Microgaming Slots

First off, among software providers Microgaming is still the largest supplier of games to online casinos, so quantity isn't an issue, and their brand is generally seen as a huge mark of quality by players as well. Narrowing these down to the most popular overall may, therefore, be the biggest issue.

Of their vast selection of slots, the most popular among players include Avalon, a wonderfully creative slot with its King Arthur style, and Win Sum Dim Sum, based on Chinese food and likely to make your mouth water as you play. From name and concept alone, you can get a sense of the creativity involved in their production, which goes a long way to ensuring their popularity when they catch the eye of players old and new.

Themed slots are also a core speciality of Microgaming. If you're a fan of a certain film or TV show - say Halloween, The Terminator or Game of Thrones - chances are they'll have a slot to fit with your aesthetic tastes.

Microgaming Casino Games

When it comes to Microgaming's casino variations in poker, bingo and roulette, they have you covered again. While selection may not quite be as broad and imaginative as the slots, their 'gold' series of table games (for example; European Roulette Gold) are generally seen as the main attraction. This basically refers to a 'gold standard' in enhanced graphics and gameplay features that sets them apart from other table games found elsewhere.

Traditional video poker fans won't be disappointed to hear they specialise in favourites such as Deuces Wild too. Sometimes simplicity is better, a winning formula doesn't need tweaking, and this company understands this when it comes to certain casino classics.

Game Quality

Boasting a large quantity of games is one thing but if/when they lack the necessary quality to stand out, a software provider inevitably falls by the wayside. Thankfully, a history of twenty successful years and counting is evidence that Microgaming cares about quality control when it comes to their many slots and casino games.

Reputation aside, their current games stand up to the quality test very well. Many of their top games show off not only pleasing aesthetics and creative gameplay features but have generous payouts as well. One of the best examples of this is their video poker variation of Jacks or Better, which offers a maximum prize of 20,000 in cash, a house edge of 0.48%, and an overall RTP (Return to Player) of 99.54%.


Microgaming began ahead of the curve in this industry and have only continued in that vein as its main front-runners, never seems to slow down in coming up with fresh and innovative ideas. While being the oldest casino and slots software developer in this industry, Microgaming Casino and slot games may be the ones most worth playing.