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88 Fortunes Slots : Bingo & Slot Sites

88 Fortunes Slot Sites

88 Fortunes online slot created by SG Interactive is the perfect chance for players to get lucky!

As 88 is considered to symbolise fortune and good luck in the Chinese Culture, 88 Fortunes slot sites are sure to spread some good fortune and fun to all!

With an oriental lucky number theme, 243 ways to win and 10 free games that can be endlessly re-triggered, this All Up feature slot game gives you the chance to buy gold symbols to increase your winning possibilities. As you buy more gold symbols, you'll become eligible to win bigger jackpots.

88 Fortunes Slots on Bingo Sites

List of Slot Sites with 88 Fortunes Slots

You can play 88 Fortunes with these Slots and Bingo Sites :

88 Fortunes Slots

Newcomers and casino aficionados won't get lost on this game. The huge 5-reels interface appears as soon as the game is turned on. Once you get over the fact that the developers went a bit overboard with the lucky Chinese look, to the point of caricature, you soon find out that behind it all is quite a robust online slot .

Here, those who want to simply make those reels turn can do so by the press of a single button. Yet, those who want a little bit more challenge can increase their bets with the "All Up" game feature for higher payouts, more ways to win and an overall more challenging experience.


88 Fortunes online slot design exudes wealth. It's as if the entire game looks like it has a whole lot to offer and plenty of ways to reward you. If SG Interactive's goal was to make 88-Fortunes look like a high-end Chinese Casino, they've undoubtedly succeeded. Luckily, it's actually true; the game always finds a way to reward you, or at least make you believe that they will.

There are two major bonus games here:

If you've ever played on an online slot machine, the inclusion of a bonus game won't surprise you. Match three special symbols (here, the symbol is a gong, which looks somewhat like a big cymbal) and you'll initiate a bonus round where you can accumulate lots of coins while the reels turn and turn.

The other bonus, one which I always hope more online slots would have since they're an easy way to keep players engaged, is simply a Jackpot. Once a strange symbol known as the Fu Bat shows up, you might be sent to a Jackpot round. Apparently, it's random, but it would be nice if there was a clearer explanation of our odds. Regardless, you want to get to the Jackpot round, you just do.

Once you get to the Jackpot bonus game, you simply need to pick three hidden symbols and then hope really, really hard that they match. If they do, then you've hit the jackpot. The name of the game implies that the Jackpot round can multiply your gains by 88 x.. but at the time of this writing, this humble reviewer has not been blessed with a Jackpot just yet.


88 Fortunes slots may look a difficult slot for some that are used to the standard 5 reel and 25-paylines, but it is, in fact, a simple game to play once you get started. There are some casinos and UK bingo sites with 88 Fortunes slots that offer members aged 18 and over a demo where they can test their skills before wagering real money. There are a few 88 Fortunes slot sites with demos; check out Heart Bingo and Starspins as they offer demos on most of their slot game titles.

88 Fortunes may be looked down upon due to its stereotypical Chinese theme, but its tight gameplay and appealing bonus games will put all of those early worries to rest.

The game itself, for the casuals and the high rollers, is a testament that we can't judge a book by its cover.

Here's hoping 88 is a number which will be just as lucky for you as it is in China!

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