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Houdini was an escapologist and magician famed for getting out of locked boxes and water-filled barrels – now he is handing out the cash in this popular multi-line Gamesys online slot.

With 25 paylines, three Houdini themed bonus games plus the chance to win a top payout of 10,000 x your coin size, could see you doing the great escape with the loot.

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Houdini Slots

Lovely styling makes this a great slot game to look at, and to listen to, as well as play. The reels are set out in the manner of an old-style music hall, complete with footlights and curtains, and the symbols include handcuffs, a dove inside a top hat, a cheeky monkey and crossed keys, as well as locked boxes and padlocks.

The Houdini symbol is the wild, and substitutes for all the other symbols except the bonuses and the scatter.

The music is understated, with tinkly old-fashioned pianos adding to the atmosphere, and a crowd of unseen onlookers oohing and aahing along with the action. I love it when they applaud a big win, and it starts to rain coins! No need for an umbrella under this particular shower!

Coin sizes start at 1p for one spin on one line, up to 20p. As there are 25 paylines, this means your maximum stake per spin is £5. Remember – the more you bet, the more your winnings could be.

Bonuses and Features

There are three bonus games on Houdini slots, all guaranteeing a payout.

Houdini Escape

Spin three Houdini Escape Bonus symbols – that’s the padlock - on reels two, three and four, and you trigger the first bonus game.

The reels vanish behind a red curtain to reveal boxes surrounding a trussed-up Houdini. Click on a box to try and find the key that lets Houdini out. The other boxes contain coins, so the more of them you get the more your winnings will be. If you get the key you move onto Act Two, where Houdini is in a tank of water. Once again, you click to get coins and a key to move onto the next part of the act. Click on a ‘Collect’ and the bonus ends, and I can guarantee you will be sighing along with the disappointed crowd!

Balloon Bonus

Time to throw some knives! Spin three Balloon Bonus symbols and you will get the chance to target some balloons, which are circling round an unhappy-looking monkey (and who can blame it?) Each one reveals a prize in coins, while a ‘Collect’ ends the game, but not until you have completed at least one round.

Escape Bonus

You need to land three scatter symbols – the Chest - anywhere on the reels and you will be shown three wooden chests. Guess what? Houdini and his chums have got themselves locked inside! Houdini’s friends appear to be a llama and a monkey, but it takes all sorts… Just open them up to reveal your prize, which will be some lovely cash.


While you won't escape with real money if you are aged 18+ you can learn how to play the game for free by putting your magician skills to the test with the demo games on the handful of Gamesys bingo sites with Houdini slot such as Jackpotjoy and Heart Bingo.

In Game Features

  • Software: Gamesys Slots
  • Paylines: 25
  • Features: Three Bonus Games, Free Play, Wilds
  • RTP : 96.27%