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Guide to popular UK online bingo networks and casino / slot sites platforms with information and links to the different UK casino and bingo sites operating on the software.

Networks and Software

Bingo software is what powers all the games on online bingo sites, you don't need to download this on to your computer or phone to use it, it is just a platform used for the online bingo website to work.

Bingo platforms are operated either in-house or by third party brand owners and operators.

What is a Bingo Network?

A bingo network is a platform in which a group of online bingo sites link together for various bingo games to give players the chance to win larger prize money for lower ticket prices. Not all bingo sites are networked; some more established brands do operate independently with standalone bingo rooms as well as on their own propriety software. It isn't apparent as to which bingo sites are part of a network as they do not advertise this. However, playing on a Network will give you a similar bingo and games experience as an independent site the only exception is that some brands will have some of the same game rooms, chat hosts, prizes, and promotions and at times bigger jackpots and prizes.

What is Casino Software?

When we refer to the different casino software and networks on this page, we refer to the primary back-end software that powers the way in which the website works including the design of the website, the access to the different games, how you manage your player account as the types of promotions available. Of course, each casino brand and bingo site will also use third-party software providers for casino and slot games.