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Top 20 Best Bingo Sites for 2019

Top 20 Best Bingo Sites for 2019

Best Bingo Sites in 2019

Looking for the best online bingo sites in the UK for 2019?

With over 10 years experience writing independent online bingo reviews we have gained enough knowledge and experience to spot an extremely good and trustworthy online bingo site, and we thought we should share our favourites with our bingo-loving fellows.
Take a look at our favourite top 20 best bingo sites for 2019.

Our Top 20 Bingo Sites for 2019

Best Online Bingo Sites for 2019

What we have learned over the years that almost every bingo brand's about page claims to be the best, but are they blowing their own trumpet?!

We thought we should compile a little list of some of the best bingo sites based from our own experience of advertising and playing bingo over the past ten years.

What qualifies as a best bingo site?

1) Plenty of players: Without that friendly community vibe and engaging chat bingo wouldn't be much fun and the prizes would be naff.. nobody enjoys playing on their own, and it is much more fun when you can make friends when playing some great games.

2) Variety: Lack of content, promotions and games just won't cut it! Bingo sites should have plenty of bingo and games with prices to suit all budgets. It's much more fun when those pennies can stretch a little further. Promotions must be up to date, frequently change up and have a weekly jackpot or two! Stale Content and promotions which never change = boring!

3) Safety and Security Most importantly! Every brand in our list MUST have a secure, responsible and fair environment with easily accessible customer support.

While we do get paid based on commission based advertising, our list of Top 20 Best Bingo Sites for 2019 has been created based on our own opinions. They are purely suggestions, and it doesn't necessarily mean that they are the best bingo websites for you. Remember to play responsibly alway and read the small print which you will find on every bingo website before you sign up.