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Slingo is a unique game which combines bingo with slots. The game was initially created in 1995 by Slingo Inc for gaming machines for Casinos around the world including in Las Vegas. (18+ BeGambleAware)

What is Slingo?

Acquired by Gaming Realms in 2013, Slingo is primarily a single player game with the except of Slingo Boom where multiple players can play a game for bigger prizes and jackpots.

The Rules of Slingo

Slingo is a combination of 75 ball bingo and slots, and although it may look like a complicated game to play at first but it is quite simple and lots of fun to play.

Each player receives one Slingo card with 25 numbers arranged in 5 columns (it looks a little like a 75-ball bingo card), a player then hits the spin button to receive 5 numbers at a time, these appear at the bottom of the card. If your card has one of the numbers, they will then be marked off the card. The aim is to create Slingos to win a prize.

A Slingo is achieved when a player marks off 5 numbers diagonally, horizontally or vertically. Each Slingo created awards points, the player with the most points wins the game.

During the game, special symbols may show up instead of numbers. Jokers act are wild and mark off any number in the column in which it appears. Get a Devil symbol and your Score decreases but if a Cherub appears it will cancel the devil's effects by shooting it with an arrow.

Rules do vary between the versions, but these basics are about the same in every online Slingo game.